Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Hi, Are the feathers in the kit real?
A – Real Goose Feathers are Included in All of the Tree Kits and are Called Goose Biots.

Q – Do the branches already have feathers attached or is attaching the feathers to tree branches part of the process?
A – Branches are Shipped Undone so the Customer can Put the Tree Together Completely.

Q – Can I change the berry colors?
A – Yes, nail polish is a great way to change the berries to any color you prefer.

Q – Can I order by mail?
A – If you prefer to place an order by mail, you can use the website to place or print the item details and total price. Choose the mail order option to see the payment address.

Q – Shipping to Canada/Overseas?
A – Canada/Overseas Orders – If you would like to place a NON-USA order, please email the order details including item, qty, and color so we can quote you the shipping costs and send you a Paypal Payment Link instead.

Q – What is the Best Way to Store a Feather Tree?
A – Store Your Tree in a Dry Safe Place where the Temperature Doesn’t Vary. No High Humidity or Hot Attics. Use a Cardboard Box, Pillow Case for Small Trees or Sheet to Cover it. You can Hang them Upside Down in a Closet if You have Room. Don’t Close or Bend Branches as this Could Weaken them over time.

Q – Can I dye the feathers to make a different color tree?
A – Yes, the best dye for feathers are protein acid dyes sold under the following names: WashFast, Sabraset, One Shot.

Q – What can I do if I have very old feathers that seem brittle?
A – If your Goose Biots seem too dry when wrapping them on the branch wires, you can soak them in water to soften them up. Place them on paper towels or in a cardboad box to dry naturally and toss them occasionally till done.

Q – Are instructions included in the kits?
A – Yes, every kit includes detailed instructions and pictures that explain each step.

How to Wrap the Branches – Close Up View

~ Customer Comments ~
Kim Says: We are so looking forward to making trees! There are four of us – going to have a feather tree making day!

Julie Says: I got a couple friends here to order some 3′ kits to do along with me. (I did a 3′ last year from you).

Lorraine Says: I’m really enjoying the kit from you.

Deb Says: I received the chartreuse kit today. It is even better than I thought it would be! My friend Kay, is going to love it! It is so her! Thank you so much!

Deborah from Montana Says: I meant to send you a picture of my completed feather tree at Christmas time surrounded with all my German Nut Crackers but alas, now it’s Valentine’s Day already! Thank you so much for helping me finish my tree. My little tree is over 30 years old. I shouldn’t wait so long in between. Thank you again.Valentines Day Tree

Cynthia Says: I did it, thank you for the kit and especially for the guidance!!! ~ See Cynthia’s Beautiful Tree

Connie Says ~ I’ve made two of your kits plus I have had a feather tree for many years. This year I made tree collars for all three trees. Just thought I’d send you all a picture! She further explains how she makes them: I’m a basket weaver so the top or base is a basket base with a slot for the reed. My husband cut a hole in the middle for the tree to fit through. The bases can be bought on any basket supply site. I use August Moon for my supplies. Then use a weave basket and turn it upside down to make the collar. Merry Christmas!